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Love spell to make him love me

Make him love me spells

I, spellcaster Maxim, was quite naïve when I founded my website SPELLSHELP a few years ago. I published content for advanced users as I was under the impression that readers would come to my website prepared. When I wrote “make him love me spells cast according to the dark canons are dangerous”, I thought I was understood. I thought every reader knew exactly and in detail why black magic ceremonial rituals were dangerous.

But then I started getting emails from clients which made it clear to me that the majority of my readers had very little to no knowledge of magic and they usually did as follows:

- They googled a spell they would like to use;

- They checked the results;

- They checked a few websites;

- They picked a random one;

- They skipped the theory;

- They found a magical recipe;

- They chose the easiest one;

- They improvised casting the spell;

- They waited for results, having no clue what to expect.

Love spell to make him love meThen they complained of something like this: “I got sick!” “The spell didn’t work!” “He broke up with me in less than 2 weeks!” “I used a make a man fall in love with you spell but he became violent once we started dating!” “I’m suffering from panic attacks!” “I’m feeling exhausted all the time!” And so on and so forth. I, spellcaster Maxim, have repeatedly described the consequences of failed or improperly cast magical spells. I don’t think I need to repeat myself. Instead, let’s discuss some factors which may indicate potential danger and which, if identified, should discourage you from doing magic at home.

First and foremost, see when the ritual should be performed. If no time is specified or if you’re suggested waiting for a full moon or a waning moon, it’s a sign that the spell is most likely black magic and the author is taking advantage of your ignorance in the field. All safe love spells are cast on specific days when the moon is waxing. Otherwise, spells will affect your future.

Black magic is called “black” not only because it usually leaves people suffering. It’s also because it engages dark energies and evil spirits. These can’t survive in a friendly and peaceful environment where the partners love and care for each other. To survive, they make people fight, cheat, be paranoid and selfish. This is the kind of relationship you’ll get if you work with a voodoo shaman or a black witch. Such relationships stay alive as long as you feed them by disrespecting and finding fault with your loved one.

I’ve already told you what will happen if you use a black magic spell to make him love me. Please find this article on my website and read it.


Spells to make a man love you


You may be told that some spells to make a man love you require some form of sacrifice. It’s also a sign of the spell’s black origin. Light love spells require you to put effort and demonstrate some behaviors, but it’s different. These behaviors include:

- Be caring;

- Be respectful;

- Be patient;

- Be understanding;

- Be supportive;

- Be fun;

- Be nice and friendly;

- Always be there for your significant other;

- Be generous;

- Be gentle.

You should make these little sacrifices every day, every hour, making your partner feel loved and cared for. The white magic will take some of your light energy to ensure that your love keeps shining bright.

Black magic engages negative energy and therefore you may be asked to make an animal sacrifice and kill, for example, a chicken. Depending on how powerful your spell is, it may require you to kill a cat or a dog. If you believe it and kill an innocent animal, you’ll be cursed and your curse will stay on you for the rest of your life, which, as a matter of fact, will be under control of the evil creature that comes with the curse.

Spell to make a man love youWhen you hear about people who suddenly lost their mind or started having hallucinations, it’s usually because they misused black magic. Black magic spells, including spells to make a guy fall in love with you, found on random websites, can damage your mental body. Our mental body is extremely fragile. It can be damage by seemingly harmless actions, including bringing an object found at a cemetery home, putting a broken needle in your loved one’s house, or calling up a spirit while trying to tell your own fortune. Talk to any doctor or nurse working at a mental hospital and they’ll confirm that the majority of their patients have a history of casting magic spells.

Black magic spells don’t necessarily call a victim a victim. For example, you can be asked to use your own menstrual blood or the blood of your loved one which you can collect with a cotton pad after carefully cutting his finger while he’s asleep. Don’t do it! Blood, fresh or dried, attracts otherworldly predators. These predators feed not only on emotional or mental suffering but also on physical pain. These are terminal diseases which drag on for years but always have the same ending which is death.

Remember that I’ve repeatedly advised my readers to entrust their rituals with trained spell casters. I, spellcaster Maxim, have never advocated a ban on black magic because I know that in some cases there is no other way to help people. I’m just begging you not to do black magic by yourself. Let a skilled sorcerer do it. How to know that a sorcerer is skilled? It should be clearly stated on his website that he undertakes to keep each client safe before, during and after the ritual.

Love spell to make him dream of me

Many esoteric authors don’t want readers to know about the danger they’re about to put themselves in, so one of their favorite tricks is to make you utter incantations in a foreign language which you don’t speak. Below is an example of a love spell supposedly intended for women wanting to marry a rich man. Supposedly, if you “read it three times, the person you’re trying to influence will call you within an hour and in the evening you’ll have your first official date”. Here’s this incantation:

“Auferte duo nova pulla ova ex pullum. Amplius lava eos. Intinge buccellam in glaciem aqua, addere parva prenderit salis. Cook super humilis, humilis calor. Frigida sub torrens glaciem aqua. Honor. Addere aromata saporem, manducare”.

Do you believe it’s true? I hope you don’t! If you translate this piece with Goggle Translate, you’ll see that it’s a recipe of how to make hardboiled eggs. So, naturally, this spell won’t help you enchant any rich man.

A love spell to make him dream of me can be used as an oral agreement stating that you’re transferring ownership of your soul or one of your subtle bodies over to a wizard or an evil spirit serving the wizard; or stating that you’re cursing yourself or the person you love, specifying that only your presence will relieve the target’s suffering.

To not fall into such traps, always translate incantations written in a foreign language. Even though machine translated texts are of poor quality and can be quite inaccurate, you’ll at least see what it’s about and not harm yourself and your loved one.

Don’t think that I, spellcaster Maxim, am trying to scare you. If practiced by trained spell casters, magic is not more dangerous than driving a car, performing a surgery, or flying a plane. It shows its ugly side only when misused by ignorant amateurs, which you are, unfortunately. So don’t take chances and don’t count on luck. Remember that you’re the guardian of your body, mind and soul, and there are too many creatures around that want to harm you.

Do you want to change your life with a spell to make a man love you right now? Then why not contact me directly? I have the skills to give you a relationship that will look and feel real. You’ll forget you ever used magic, while your significant other will never know you’re together because of a powerful spellcaster that you once hired. You’ll just enjoy the result that is a perfect relationship that is better than your wildest dreams. That’s what I do. No more no less. You should know it if you still doubt it.

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