Maison-Gutowski’s dream was to create products whose ambition lies simply in their quality: a delicate rosé wine inspired by the essence of pleasure for lovers of good taste.

It was through years of exploration and research through Provence to create the most delicate expression of the rosé, that M–G Rosé Grande Cuvée was finally born. Thanks to the diversity of soils on the appellation Côtes de Provence, we are doing a rigorous selection among some of the most qualitative terroirs to create a blend using traditional grape varieties on the soils where they best express themselves.

Our composition: the desire to create and share a wine of excellence by bringing together specialists where each one has the freedom to bring their unique touch. A common passion and aspiration among vintners working everyday on their terroirs, and winemakers enhancing the juices, with respect to AOC Côtes de Provence know-how.

We are honoured to work with the finest in the region who sustain and preserve the tradition of rosé wine renowned around the world.


An epicurean couple and lovers of the finest things in life, constantly on the lookout for a good conversation over a glass, until that glass turns into their topic of conversation.

She comes from the South of France, in Provence. And she misses it. A magical region where people from everywhere on the globe gather to enjoy its unique authenticity and diversity, making it famous around the world. They found each other in Switzerland, with her heart remaining under the Provencal sunshine, as no one could ever forget how it makes them feel. He’s a lover of great wine and a fierce entrepreneur, his motto: life should be spent doing what you love.

They are moved by the spirit, originality and energy of urban lifestyle, which is the inspiration of their bottle’s unique design that they share with you : the final touch, for the special moments only you can share.

Driven by their passion, they’ve taken the leap to finally share with you their creation M-G Wine, and the values of a tradition. Now a carefree holiday can invite itself into your everyday life.



Our wine is the result of the desire to share local savers, hard work values and our passion for wine.

Our philosophy: to be the link between the past and the future. The land is not ours, we see ourselves as custodian of a legacy for future generations. We try to innovate with respect, so that it preserves these terroirs, while sharing only the finest with you.

Every harvest is only a brief moment that’s been captured and transformed into an eternal wine.


Grown in the heart of the vineyards in the Côtes de Provence, we continue in the footsteps of an ancestral tradition. We explore the best terroirs, so every vine selected brings its unique personality to M-G Rosé’s vintage blend.

The Côtes de Provence appellation is notable because it allows us to select the best grape varieties to create an exceptional rosé. Provence is France’s oldest vineyard, and rosé it’s oldest known wine. It’s why it’s ever most important to find the best plots to reveal this heritage.

We want to benefit from the diversity of soils from Provence thanks to the creation of the Massif des Maures. The schistous soil brings strength and minerality to the wine. The mix of clay and calcareous reveals the freshness and a pure fruit expression paired with the elegance from the South.

Importance lies in the quality of the grapes. We work exclusively with vintners who romance their vineyards, cultivating old vines. With respect to viticulture, the pruning is in Guyot for the Syrah and in Cordon de Royat for other grape varieties.

The grapes are harvested at night to preserve the fruit’s juiciness. This allows us to avoid any oxidation bringing maximum freshness to our rosé.


Once harvested, our grapes are quickly but gently pressed. We use a pneumatic press to avoid any skin contact. It allows us to obtain a crystalline juice, to bring out the purest aromas without bitterness. The alcoholic fermentation begins after the first racking. It lasts approximately ten days at 13-18°C.

The fermentation takes place in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks revealing the aromas of peach and wild red berries.



Each of the young juices are tasted to determine the key characteristics they will bring to the wine. It’s our mission to find the right balance so you can experience the essence of M–G Rosé: an expressive floral bouquet, a fresh and crisp acidity paired with a delicate long finish.

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