How the South East was won 1024 341 M-G

How the South East was won

Let the nature make the work! Is the human intervention necessary?
What can we do to improve or at least try to improve the quality of our wine?

With these chronicles, we are going to show you our vision.
We will live following the rhythm of the wine all along the winemaking process.

Part 1– How the South East was won

The pink gold starts with the research of the land. Our work start with the finding of the perfect terroir. Each plot brings its own characteristic to our blend, but why ?
We work on different soils that are made of schist and limestone with clay in order to find the best adequation between grape and terroir. The combination between grapes and soil (Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault and Rolle for the M–G Grande Cuvée) allows us to get a well-defined profile of each wine, thus a real DNA.

The schistous soil is made of a crystalline rock with a high concentration in potassium and magnesium which has a good power of retention for the water. It brings minerality to the wine, a graphite note that the M-G tribe loves. Syrah enjoys particularly this soil. It will allow the grapes to mature more slowly and therefore get more finesse and complexity.

The limestone soils with its quite elevated acidity level brings freshness to the wine whereas the clay is acting like a spoing and retains water. It will gives wine richer and fuller-bodied. The Rolle grows well on the clay giving a wine floral and intense.

Here, there is no intervention but a choice between many choices available:

Schist, clay-limestone, sable, limon
Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre, Cinsault, Tibouren, Clairette, Rolle, Ugni blanc


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