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Harvest and much more

Partie 2 – And then it happens at night…

What is this mystical event ?

The harvest take place at night as we want to keep the grapes cool until they reach the press. No fermentation should start before all the berries are pressed and arrived in the tank.

No bleeding for the Gutowski.
But why?? The bleeding process often used to make rosé is another technique that consists in removing some of the juice already in contact with the skins for a period of time in order to concentrate the remaining future red wines and get a rosé wine on the side – called rosé de saignée.

On our side, we dedicate our berries to the sole production of rosé wine. Thus we press directly the grapes and we don’t let the red skins in contact with our pure juice. This explains why we have such a clear pale rosé wine. As we don’t keep in contact the skins (containing the coloring red pigments called anthocyanins), with the juice, we get this light and shining pale pink color. The press we use is one of the highest quality. It used a pneumatic “balloon” or membrane that will swell with the injection of air and gently press our berries giving us a high quality must.

We didn’t want to make any skin contact, as we would have otherwise gotten the tannins, the bitter components present in the skins. We want a juice pure, fresh and crystalline in order to get an elegant and precise wine.

Musical inspiration  

Paul & Fritz Kalkbrenner – Sky and Sand

We had an urge to sing it to you, Paul & Fritz could not express it better. Below we redesign the lyrics to our experience.

Click on the link above, and let yourself rock.

In the nighttime, when the world is at its rest

you will find me, in the place I know the best

cuttin’, pruning’, lightened by the moon

Don’t have to worry, ’cause it will be there soon,

And we build up castles, on the hill and in the sand,

design our own world, ain’t nobody understand,

We found ourselves alive with grapes layin’ in our hand

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