Maison Gutowski presents its cuvée grown in biodynamic agriculture 1024 595 M-G
M-G Réserve cultivé en biodynamie, AOC Côtes de Provence

Maison Gutowski presents its cuvée grown in biodynamic agriculture

A new era is beginning for Maison-Gutowski. Four years ago, we talked about the balance between human intervention and “letting nature do its thing”. With the cuvée Réserve, we have gone further to find our balance through biodynamics, and offer you an organic rosé wine: an exceptional vintage made from biodynamically grown grapes. 

Faithful to our philosophy, to be the link between the past and the future, we wanted a better expression of our terroirs. We therefore became mystical to be in phase with the Moon and produce this wine while respecting the environment, the vine, and preserving our terroirs of Provence. 
Our will: to offer you a rosé wine M—G always better, respectful of the planet, and to be the custodian of a legacy for the next generations.

What is biodynamic viticulture ?

This method of agriculture was invented by Rudolf Steiner, a philosopher of Austrian origin, in 1924.
The philosophy of biodynamics is based on the fact of considering the vineyard or more precisely the vine as a living organism and to respect it as such. In order to preserve the good health of the land, it is cultivated in a reasoned manner and fed with natural products of exclusively organic origin. A wine made from biodynamically grown grapes is therefore necessarily an organic wine!

Biodynamics adheres to the principle of the cosmic force, and the influence of the Moon and the planets on the plants and the earth. The vine is worked, cared for and pruned according to the lunar calendar: rising moon, falling moon, leaf day, root day… It’s a whole cosmic ritual that takes place.
holistic approach for a mythical vintage !

What do we do in practice?

To bring the true expression of his terroir, the winegrower will have a more fusional relationship with his land to listen, observe and accompany it. Soil is fed with organic matter to allow mineral absorption by the plant, and thus transmit to the vine the typicality of the terroir.

Sensitive people should not read it: a cow dung is introduced in a cow horn and buried in the soil during the whole winter. The dung ferments and turns into humus. In the spring, the brown gold is collected and diluted with rainwater. The winegrower then sprays the mixture according to the lunar calendar (never during the rising moon). What is the objective? To act on the soil to make it more fertile

And the wine? For the vinification, we stayed with our traditional processes for fear of not being able to keep our subtle and delicate flavors.

Discover Réserve M–G 2022

Made only with old vines, mostly Grenache, but also beautiful grape varieties such as Cinsault and Rolle, Réserve 2022 is characterized by an expressive floral bouquet mixed with notes of white fruits and herbs of Provence, a full and silky mouth. A delicate work with the lees brings all the balance and complexity to our wine, with subtle notes for the connoisseurs.

How to pair this rosé wine with your meal?

To fully appreciate this new organic Reserve vintage, Maison-Gutowski advises you to drink it at a temperature between 10 and 12 degreesThis organic rosé wine from Provence, fresh and subtle, with a unique aromatic power and mineral elegance, can be enjoyed at the table beyond the simple aperitif. It will be perfect with a fish ceviche.

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